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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Agency is a critical component of sociology that impacts most systems. The basic principle is that an agent is something that can make decisions and act upon those decisions. The most basic example would be us humans. We all believe we have free will and based on that we make decisions that can effect our surroundings.

A sociological tree exploring an agents actions, mentalities, and effects
The idea of agency can be applied not only to individuals, but any group of individuals from a relationship or partnership all the way to the Federal Government. It becomes interesting at this point because there are now agents within an agency that can effect change and influence the path of the agency itself. Without the idea of agency, many of the basic principles of sociology would be difficult to study and we might not have some of the great interdisciplinary ideas like Chaos and Complexity Theories. Agency is an incredibly fascinating topic that can be applied on micro and macro levels and while the idea might not blend well with the more scientific belief that we in fact do not have free will, it can help us understand why the world works the way it does.

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